Cavity Wall Insulation

Up to 35% of heat loss in a property is attributed to un-insulated walls. Heat will always flow from a warm area to a cold one. In winter, the colder the outside temperature, the faster heat from your property will escape.

Most houses built from the 1990s onwards will have had wall insulation incorporated upon construction of the property to keep the heat in, but if your house is older than that it may not have any wall insulation. If this is the case then you could be wasting considerable money on your heating bills.

To insulate your cavity walls, we drill small in the outside wall of your home. Insulation is then blown into the cavity using specialist equipment. Once the wall cavity is filled, the holes in the brickwork are filled, and you are left with considerable savings on your energy bill. We can assist you with funding towards this work through Government initiatives, such as the Energy Company Obligation and The Green Deal