NEST Heating Controller

Save, Save, Save - Time, Energy and Money

No more complicated controllers with switches, sliders and buttons. The Nest Controller does it all - automatically. It learns as you use it and applies your choices of times and temperatures.

It also learns about how your building heats up, so if you want it to be 20 degrees at 8a.m., it will know when to turn on the heating to achieve that temperature at that time.


Nest will learn how best to program your heating schedule so that your boiler isn't on unnecessarily, while still keeping you comfortable.

Auto_Away is a feature of the Nest Controller which can sense when your building is unoccupied. In this case, Nest will automatically turn down your heating and turn it up again when someone arrives.


Apart from the obvious savings to be made as a result of the features already described, Nest will report back to you how you've done with your energy use. This will allow you to make adjustments to your heating schedule to save even more money and energy.

After about a month following installation, you will receive an email showing your energy usage and giving you tips on how you can save more energy. You will also be informed of how other customers are using their Nest Controllers. Learn together, save together.

Remote Control

Once the Nest Thermostat is connected to Wi-Fi, you can use the Nest app to control your thermostat from a mobile or tablet. Getting in early? Change the temperature miles from home.

From any computer you can log into the Nest website and edit your Controller's schedule or check on your energy usage.